Photos and Video from the Border Run Re-Run 2018

Last Sunday’s scheduled Border Run was ruined by poor weather.  Some brave souls did the run, and full marks to them, but Gabby Hunt and Pete Dungey kindly agreed to re-run the route yesterday for anyone that turned up at Henstridge Golf and Leisure.  No signing-on, no fee, as this was deemed a bunch of friends turning up for an informal ride….and a great full English breakfast before hand for those who wanted one (me!).  Mid-week runs don’t usually have a particular high attendance compared to weekend runs, but there were at least 12 of us yesterday and a good, and dry, time was had by all.

My favourite photo of the day?  The above snippet of William Webb at the coffee stop. A photo for our next Quiz Night perhaps?

At The Start:

Coffee Stop and On The Run:

Border Run

On the run today we had 10 riders, although the forecast was bad, we did have a bit of rain on the run but most of it surprisingly was dry with a light drizzle at times, the route was modified slightly after the coffee stop at Crockerton Shopping Centre then back to Henstridge for a very nice lunch the run was still about 45 miles..

Saying that, l did get pretty wet on the run home to Blandford as it was pouring down.

No photos l am afraid as my battery went flat on my phone.


Gabby & Pete have offered to rerun the Border Run on Wednesday this week (15th August) as the weather forecast is looking good, l know Paul Miles and a few are looking forward to it.

Gabby has organized breakfast from 9.30 at Henstridge for those who want it, so if you are free on Wednesday please turn up for the run it is an excellent route.

Any questions can l ask you to contact Gabby or Pete please.

West Bay Early Birds

Our Chairman doing a sterling job propping up Hardy's Monument.
Our Chairman doing a sterling job propping up Hardy’s Monument.

I’m running out of ideas for the title of posts.  But as a small group of us* got together at 8am today and rode our bikes to West Bay…and saw some starlings, let’s call this post “West Bay Early Birds“.

I put a route together the day before. Going there, we went via Turnworth, Winterborne Whitchurch, Puddletown, Troy Town, West Stafford,  Winterborne Herringston, Martinstown, Hardy’s Monument, Abbotsbury via Bishop’s Road and Burton Bradstock. On the way back, Burton Bradstock, Litten Cheney, Maiden Newton, Cerne Abbas, Pulham, King’s Stag and Hazelbury Bryan. About 80 miles in total.

Leaving at 8am was a great idea and one this small group of riders will do again, especially at this time of year.  It was a nice cool start, wasn’t too busy at West Bay by the time we got there and we were all back home by 12:30 which meant we still had the afternoon to do all those family related things that are expected of us!

*Ken Druce, Kevin Eddolls, Phil Allen and myself