AGM – Committee Members

I mentioned in the last post l did about the AGM that l would let you know what posts will be vacant, well all posts are up for grabs.

Most important is we need a Chairman as Ray is standing down and l will not be taking on the duty, someone needs to come along and volunteer for this as we cant run without a Chairman.

There are 7 or 8 more post including Treasurer, Secretary and general posts.

Without these posts being filled we can not run so it is important we fill these as a matter of urgency,

It is worth remembering a lot of the present committee have been doing this for a long time an it is time someone else took on the task to keep the Section running.

If you are interested or want to know more please contact one of the present Committee  members who will be more than happy to discuss it.

Remember it is your Section so please help out.

Phil Allen

Trophy Amnesty

We seem to have lost track of some of the trophies and l have been given the task of bringing it up to date and making an electronic format for the future.

Suggestion is to bring any trophies you have to the club night on 13th December and l can log it, alternatively and email to me ( with which trophy, when you received it and which run and for what.

Thank you

Phil Allen

Sections 50th Birthday 13th September

It is important if you have any allergies or special dietary needs to contact Ken Druce ( so we can try and cater for this in advance, not on the night.

Please also bring your membership number.

The night will be very informal, but we will have a drink to our departed President, Ted Foote and there will be a raffle  for a book on the TT donated by one of our members and signed by Guy Martin, so prepare to dig deep!!!

Sherborne Castle Car Show

I would like to thank all the people who brought their bikes over the weekend to be put on the Dorset VMCC section stand, it looked really good, with a good selection of club eligible bikes.

I would especially like to thank Ray & Linda for spending the whole weekend there doing most of the organisation and all the others who helped make it a success on the days.

This is a good showcase for the VMCC and hopefully will bring in new members to the club.

Photos of the weekend are to follow.

AGM Reminder

As we all know the AGM is on 11th October 2017, l know this is a long way off but soon comes around, we have potentially a lot of the present committee standing down this year, this is a big problem if we can not replace them. Once l have a better indication of the vacancies then l will publish this as a matter of urgency. I don’t think  we can function as a Section without a full  committee. I will be standing in for the Chairman while he is away for most of the summer in 2018 but l will be standing down as Vice Chairman at the 2018 AGM. It is imperative if we want to keep the Section going we find new people to stand, please consider this before the next club meeting and speak to me or one of our committee members, or email our Secretary for more information of what is involved.

Some of our committee members have  done many years and a lot for the Section and they need a break.

Also we need organisers for the next year runs, without run organisers there will be no runs, it is not fair to put all the runs onto the same few people.


50th Aniversary Birthday 13th September



So we have enough food can you please let Ken Druce know if you are coming and how many places as soon as possible please.

This is going to be at Henstridge Golf & Leisure (our new venue  from July), Marsh Lane, Henstridge, BA8 0TG.

This will be a good night and a chance to meet people you have not seen for some time, both old and new members.

Kens email is :