Preparing for Banbury 2018

With the Banbury Run 2018 only 3 weeks away, and with yesterday’s perfect weather, it was time to check out the bikes…

This was all about Ken Druce really as he will be riding Peter Batton’s 1929 Ariel Model F.  The bike’s not been ridden for a number of years, Ken has never ridden a Model F and this particular example has a lever throttle, so we needed to check out both the bike…and Ken 🙂 .  I was on my ’30 Model F.

It turned out to be a brilliant ride, making up the route as we went along and covered 65 miles, taking in Shapwick, Tarrant Rawston, Witchampton, Cranborne, Martin, Broad Chalke, Bowerchalke, Sixpenny Handley, Tollard Royal, Ashmore and Compton Abbas Airfield before finally heading back to Blandford.

That last photo may look like Ken has broken down yet again…but it turned out that he’d run out of petrol due to a faulty/blocked reserve tap.  I’ll let him off; his mechanic, Peter, will fix it over the coming days.

Banbury Run here we come…and many thanks to Peter for the loan of his Ariel. BTW: If you’re going to Gaydon on the 17th June, look out for us: I’m 382, Ken is 383 and Paul Miles is 314.

Author: Paul Wirdnam

Strangely addicted to Ariel motorcycles from the '20s, 30s and 40s.

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  1. It was a fine day for pottering around Dorset on two old bikes, thanks to Peter for lending me his fine steed (get it Ariel….fine steed….oh, never mind) and to Paul for coming to the rescue with some petrol. Fingers crossed there are no ‘issues’ on the Banbury Run 

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