Spring Run 4th March 2018

It’s less that 2 weeks away before our Spring Run which starts and finishes at Henstridge Golf and Leisure.

The organiser, Mike Ward, has arranged for breakfast to be served between 9am and the start of the run at 11am.  Come and have anything from a cup of coffee to a full English and then enjoy a potter around our local countryside.

If you do intend to come, either for the breakfast + run, or breakfast only, can you please let Mike know ASAP as we need to get some idea of numbers for Sandy at Henstridge Golf and Leisure. Mike’s details are on the Contacts page.

There is a coffee / tea / comfort stop during the run but no organised lunch at the end of the run.  Further details in our Events calendar.

Please note that this run falls on the same day as the VMCC AGM at the Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire. On the day, Ken Druce will be the organiser for the run.

So, do you travel to Gaydon for a rather important AGM, or do you take part in our Spring Run?  I’ve made my choice and can already smell the bacon and eggs*!

*I have cast my vote though…as everyone should.

1923 Packman and Poppe Anyone?

This week, I had a phone call from a gentleman in Corfe Mullen who has just joined the VMCC a few days ago!

During our phone conversation, he explained that he is really a vintage car man (Bullnose Morris) but has recently bought a 1923 Packman and Poppe motorcycle that was extensively modified 50+ years ago by  the “famous” Mr. Edward Heward who used it for grass tracking in the Petersfield M/C club.  The current owner’s dilemma is either to 1) leave it as modified or 2) restore it to original.

As I knew absolutely nothing about Packman and Poppe motorcycles, I did a little research and offered to pay him a visit today, which he gladly accepted.  It was certainly a lot better than I was expecting but there are many alterations including: the fitting of an OHV Blackburn engine which resulted in frame and engine plate alterations and lose of correct tank, movement of saddle and its mountings, additional frame tubes for added strength, hand-change conversion to foot-change and various other things.

Packman and Poppe rear wheel bearings are quite unique…in that they are set in the frame rather the hub. The rear hub is also a QD one that leaves the brake drum and rear chain in place.  The company only existed between 1923 and 1930 and it is difficult to find any information about them.  Because the frame has been altered somewhat, we’re not even sure what model this started life as, but it’s probably an L2 or L3.  No sign of any frame number to help us.

But the biggest surprise of all was that it is running…and sounded great:

Over tea, we discussed the pros and cons of either leaving it like it is, or restoring to original.  Due to the number of alterations already carried out coupled with the rarity of the bike (only 5 known to survive), the latter would be quite a challenge as an engine would need to be found, tank made, frame altered etc.  The former would be attractive if the grasstacker was indeed as famous as thought, but I’ve not found any reference to him anywhere, so who knows.

If anyone is interested in this bike, the owner is quite open to offers – cash or swop.  On reflection, he wishes he had bought an unrestored model from a more common maker (i.e. BSA, Ariel, Norton, Rudge etc) from the 1920’s; preferably one with acetylene lighting.  Also, if anyone knows of another owner of these bikes or has more information on them, please do let me know.

After a couple of hours, I left him with our 2018 Programme Card, my contact details if he wants to come and see some rusty Ariels (he does!), and a promise I’d post something similar on the VMCC Forum.

March and April Club Night Changes

We’ve had a couple of cancellations by guest speakers for these two months, so please disregard what’s on the green 2018 printed card.  Our Events calendar on this website has been updated as well as the main VMCC Events page (http://www.vmcc.net/Events)

March 14th will now be a Social Evening.  We plan to give demonstrations on the use of our website, our Facebook page, the VMCC website and the VMCC Forum.  If you’d rather just have a drink and a natter, that’s fine as well!  If you have any questions about this event, please contact me.

April 11th will now be a Quiz Night. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Paul Miles.

10th South West Peninsula Spring Rally 2018, Saturday April 7th

Below are 2 files, one of which announces the 10th Annual South
West Peninsula Spring Rally and the other is an entry form, which I would be very grateful for you to share with your membership.

Last year we had over 140 riders and pillions from all over the UK and
this year, based on tickets sold so far, we expect to see over 200. We hope
that your club will be represented on the Rally. It’s a great day out,
searching for clues on some of the UK’s best (and occasionally worst) roads.

Kind Regards

Ken Octon
Publicity Officer
Somerset Advanced Motorcyclists
Tel: 01749 831339
Mob: 07970 114619

2018 SWPSR Entry Form (PDF)

2018 SWPSR Details (PDF)

38th Carole Nash Bristol Classic MotorCycle Show 2018

Some of us have been at this Show for the last three days.  It’s been tiring at times but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A chance to meet friends, old and new, put faces to names and generally natter about old bikes while drinking much coffee and tea.

As usually, the various club stands were outstanding and I’m always amazed at just how many different motorcycle clubs are out there.

I’d like to personally thank Linda & Ray Dickinson, Chris Smith, Mike Ward and Paul Miles as these individuals surely spent the most time setting up and manning our VMCC Dorset Section stand at the show.

Oh, and Linda won an award!

Setting Up on Friday afternoon:

Saturday and Sunday:

A fairly random selection of bikes based on anything that caught my eye.

Dismantling Sunday afternoon:

Talmag Trophy Trial 2018

Report and photos by Ray Dickinson:

Last Sunday, four members of the Dorset Section made their annual trip to Hungry Hill, Aldershot to watch the Talmag Trophy Trial for four stroke pre-65 bikes and sidecars.  As you would expect there are the usual Tiger Cubs, C15, Triumph twins, BSA, Ariel and AJS singles, but how about a Levis girder fork, Ariel Colt, Triumph TRW, Ducati SMS, Douglas Comp, Vincent Comet, Panther or a MV Augusta 125.  The event is free to watch and you are made most welcome.