Below are details of the Stonehenge Intersection Quiz, can we get a team up this year?

If you are interested in getting a team together then please either contact me or preferably Keith direct, details are below.


Keith Starks,
130, Hasler Road,
West Canford Heath,
BH17 9AW


27th March 2019


Dear all,

We are running our annual inter-section quiz on Wednesday 15th May and would like to invite your section to participate.
Participating sections are to enter one or more teams of four members.
This year we have decided to bring the quiz forward to May rather than our usual September slot, this is to enable those of you who travel some distance to attend to take advantage of the lighter evening.

We meet at Redlynch Sports and Social Club, Woodfalls, near Downton, Wiltshire, SP5 2LN.
Club telephone number is 01725 511281.

The quiz will start promptly at 8pm and refreshments will be provided at the end of the quiz during marking of the answer sheets.

Directions to the Redlynch Sports and Social Club:-
From Salisbury take the A338 to Downton. Turn left at the traffic lights in Downton.
From Ringwood take the A338 to Downton. Turn right at the traffic lights in Downton.
Continue on this road for 3 miles to the village of Woodfalls.
The Sports and Social Club is on the left hand side immediately after the Woodfalls Inn.
There is plenty of parking at the club.

Please confirm whether or not if you will be entering a team.

Kind Regards,

K Starks

Keith Starks
Secretary, Stonehenge Section.

Motorcycle Turntable

Chatting to Phil Allen the other night, I told him about my budget bike turntable, and he suggested I post details on our section website. so here it is.

If you have a small garage or drive, often turning the bike around is a chore or not really possible. I have quite a steep slope into my garage, so I tend to ride in. I can push the bike in if I take a run up, but cannot push the bike backward up the slope by myself. I happen to have a roller starter and if I need to use them, all the bikes are the wrong way around. I was going to buy a proprietary turntable but conscious of usage problems I starting looking at “youtube” clips. This is where I spotted the budget arrangement, using a “lazy susan” These are on ebay, rated at 1000lb  loading for as little as £8.50 including postage! All you need to do is attach a piece of ply I used 3/8″, There are only 4 bolt holes, so I increased that to 8, using M6 gutter bolts, and there you are. I made life easier as suggested on the clip, by using a couple of ramps, so the centre stand is at normal height. Take a look at the pictures!

Bernard Jones


Wow, quite a turnout, 37 riders signed on, and inline with the sections new policy, all issued with a star to display on their headlamp, to indicate they had paid for the run. I was too busy doing the paper work and taking fees to have time to check if there were any “extra” riders with us! The weather was beautiful for us. The carvery at the Windwhistle Inn was excellent, but the majority of riders did not join us, perhaps in future I/we should announce in the journal if a lunch stop is part of the run?

Most thought the run was OK except for Paul Wirdnam and Paul Miles who approached me staggering after dismounting at the lunch stop. Evidently the last but one section was a little challenging for their girder fork machines! I also spotted a number of rider taking a wrong turning at Broadwindsor, miles from where they were supposed to turn, funny how when a guy take a wrong turning, so many follow!

Sadly we had a couple of non finishes, B J Hull (M20) and C F Jones(Sunbeam), sorry I don’t know your first names, had to give up soon after the start with a broken clutch cable. Jim Thorton’s Suzuki gave up with we believe electrical problems, 2 miles for the lunch stop and had to be recovered by SOS motorcycle recovery service. Thanks to Mike Ward for picking up Jim and taking him to the wind whistle. Additionally I did not see the Lomax of Chris and Carole Tiso.

Naturally being a Vincent owner I was pleased to see Rod and Carol Hann on their Rapide and non member (he paid his /£5) Norman Pyne from Exeter on his Egli Vincent.

Bernard Jones


Photos from the Spring Run 2019

Yesterday, spring had definitely sprung!  And it looks like sunny and dry weather for the next 10 days at least, so if you haven’t done it already, brush those winter cobwebs off your bike and get it ready for the Blandford Run on the 7th April.

But yesterday was all about the Spring Run.  Great turnout and a chance for Paul Miles and your Secretary to try out our recently acquired 1930 Douglas S6 twins.  Let’s just say that one went a lot better than the other and maybe I should have stuck with Ariels… 🙁 .

With approx 40 miles from Henstridge Golf and Leisure to the lunch stop at the Windwhistle Inn between Chard and Crewkerne and another 50 miles to get to the start and back home, it was a long run for me.  Even more so for our friends North of the Wall (A303) who covered about 130 miles.

Full marks go to Mike Ward for stopping to help a broken down biker and giving him a pillion lift to the pub while waiting for breakdown recovery.  And thanks to Bernard Jones for putting a great route together.

Midway Duggie Adjustments (didn’t help 🙁 )