Photos from the Long Run 2019

It was the Long Run yesterday.

Approximately 45 miles from Top O Town car park in Dorchester to the Seaton Tramway in Devon and a similar number of miles back from Seaton to Cerne Abbas.  With many of us doing 20 or more miles to get to the start, most of us ended up with a total mileage into three figures by the time we got home.

Ken Druce, the organiser, tells me 24 signed on. The weather forecast probably put a few people off.  It didn’t bucket down like on Wednesday’s Mid-Week Run, but it was threatening to rain throughout the run, and occasionally did.  It’s not been a good June weather-wise 🙁 .


Wednesday’s Mid-Week Run and its Re-Enactment

Last Wednesday (19th) was the first of our four Mid-Week Runs in 2019.  As I hadn’t been out on my bike for a couple of weeks, I was determined to take part, no matter what the weather.


Wednesday (19th)

I managed to get to the start at Warden Hill Trading Post on the A37, a distance of 20 miles from my house, without driving on wet roads and here I joined up with about nine other riders.    But there were ominous black clouds in the direction of Mangerton Mill (our destination), so I think we all donned our over-trousers and set off….

Rod and Carol Hann, the run organisers, took us on a very picturesque route via Wyford Eagle and Spyway, but we rode through some really horrible weather.  However, we all made it to Mangerton Mill, where we all enjoyed a cream tea indoors while it continued to rain outside.  And it was still raining when we left to head back to Warden Hill.  Many thanks to Rod & Carol for organising such a good route.  By the time I got home, I’d covered 75 miles, mainly in the wet 🙁 .

Friday (21st)

Yes, the weather on Wednesday could have been better (much better actually 🙂 ), but I for one still enjoyed it and wanted to re-do the route in better weather.  So yesterday, after my riding gear had dried out, Ken Druce and I headed off to Mangerton Mill again and I had my second cream tea of the week.


The C.M. Hunt Papers

Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd 1927

I’ve been meaning to write up this short article for the last six months; ever since Pete Dungey kindly lent me his folder of historical receipts and letters from C.M. Hunt at the end of last year.


Royal Enfield 1951

C.M. Hunt was a well known bicycle, motorcycle and pram shop in Long Street, Sherborne and had been trading for many years.  I’m not sure when it finally closed for business but probably late 1980’s or early 1990’s; if someone in our Section knows, please do let me know.

The Shop
Michelin 1927

I’ve managed to find a few historical photographs of the shop.  I took the ones in 2018, but having been back to Long Street this year (2019), I noticed the shop is now vacant.  Note the “The Old Cycle Shop” above the door.

The Papers (Receipts, Invoices, Letters)
Joseph Lucas Ltd 1927

Pete tells me that when the shop finally closed, 80 years of paperwork ended up in a skip.  He rescued a tiny fraction of this, mainly the receipts from 1919 and 1926/1927 with a few other papers from the 1950s and 1960s.  To my eyes, the artwork & printing in some of these documents is beautiful, so I scanned them so others can see them.  So much nicer that today’s soulless bits of paper.

Humber 1927


Seems like C.M. Hunt dealt with all the British motorcycle manufacturers of the time!  The 1951 Royal Enfield letter is interesting; although it doesn’t mention it, the worldwide nickel shortage during that year was due to the Korean War and affected all manufacturers.



Papers (1919):
Papers (1926 – 1927):
Papers (later years):

Photos from the VMCC Banbury Run 2019

It was the VMCC Banbury Run yesterday and as I wasn’t taking part this year,  Ken Druce and I decided to drive up and have a more relaxing time chatting with friends, looking at the bikes and wandering around the autojumble.

When we set off at 7am, the weather was terrible, even worse than last year, with torrential rain on the A34 up to the M40.  It was still raining when we got to Gaydon and although it looked like most riders and their bikes were present, many of the autojumblers didn’t turn up and the number of visitors was down.  Which was a shame, as by 11am, the sun was out and we only had occasional light showers for the rest of the day.

Didn’t see many people from our Section there.  Bumped into Peter Miller several times as we wandered around the site. And Roger Gillard was drinking tea with Bettie Barber while Ian Clarke was manning the stall.  But that was about it.

BTW: the car parking for visitors to the British Motor Museum at Gaydon always used to be bad.  In previous years, I’ve had to lug heavy gearboxes, engines etc back to my car which was 1/2 mile away.  That’s all changed this year as there is now a massive new car park just behind the museum and close to the autojumble. Much better.

In The Autojumble:
In The Bike Park:
At the Start Line:


Two in One Run on July 7th

Below is information on the run from Pete Dungey

Start and finish is at Henstridge Golf & Leisure in Henstridge and the run start time is 11am sharp.

There are 2 separate runs at the same time, one for pre 1950 machines (slower machines) and one for later machines from 1951 upwards (a longer distance and possibly faster) . Older machines may do the longer run if they want but the newer machines (post 1951) must do the longer run only.

If after lunch you want more mileage then you can go out again on the other route  but please let the organiser know.

Please keep to the speed limits and road restrictions and ride safely.

NOTE : Coffee before and after is available but is payable to Henstridge Golf & Leisure directly, lunch is available but you must order before you leave on your specific run

Any questions or clarifications please contact Pete Dungey or one of the Committee  numbers are  in our contact list.

Gillingham in Gear

Just a quick thanks to Andy Grew & Andy Sharpe for helping set everything up, also not forgetting Ray and Paul Miles for helping, oh! and Maurice for picking his favourite bike of the day for an award a very nice Triumph Thunderbird.

It was a good day with a few showers but it did not dampen the numbers, a bit sad to see the Royal Enfield Club had far more bikes on the stand than the VMCC (30+ to our 9) but saying that l think we may have picked up 3 new members on the day which l guess is what these static shows are all about.

Thanks again to all who helped on the day