Photos from the Autumn Leaves Run 2021

I wasn’t able to take part in yesterday’s Autumn Leaves Run for two reason: 1) we had visitors and 2) a much greater reason (and more alarming) was that one of my Ariels was broken.  It’s OK; it’s now back on the road much to the disgust of our Ariel-hating Chairman.

Many thanks to Bernard Jones for laying on the 75 mile run from Cranborne to Henstridge and back…and to Martin Hirst and Kevin Chapman for sending in some photos for this website.   Report from Kevin:

Weather cloudy but cool until the return run when the sun appeared. Some twenty plus bikes and a lovely run through the lanes with some faster parts. The group gradually split up along the way but I don’t think we lost anybody and all turned up at the stop at Henstridge Airfield where much traditional greasy cafe food was consumed. A good day out

Photos from our Breakfast Meet October 2021

It’s been a long time!  This was our first Breakfast Meet since February 2020!  A very respectable turnout at Thorngrove Garden Centre, Gillingham with people coming from all directions : Swindon, Westbury, Dorchester etc.

I thought the garden centre did a good breakfast and coped quite well with us.  Maybe we’ll come back to it for our 20th November Breakfast Meet…watch out for an announcement.

Photos and Video from the 42nd Veteran & Vintage Run 2021


Yesterday was our 42nd annual Veteran and Vintage Run.  I say “our” but this run has been organised by Rod and Carol Hann for all of those 42 years; quite amazing really, so thank you both for doing yet another one

As with many of our runs this year, COVID upset the date for this run which normally takes place in July, but it was a beautiful, warm September day with none of that melting tarmac that we had back in 2018.  23 riders signed in; more were expected but, due to the on-going petrol / diesel shortage, several well-known faces were absent and sent their apologies. After the run, 34 people sat down for an excellent buffet lunch laid on by Carol.



  • Most Desirable Veteran : none took part
  • Most Desirable Vintage : Dave Atterbury on a 1924 AJS
  • Three Wheeler Award : none took part
  • Most Original Machine : Richard Gray on a 1915 Douglas
  • Old Timers Trophy (Combined age of rider and machine) : Geoff Warren on a 1915 Triumph
  • Ladies Award : Sally Miles on a 1927 Douglas
Photos at Leigh Village Hall (start and end) and at the Three Compasses, Charminster (coffee stop)
A Short Video En-Route

If you only look at one snippet in this video, go to 10:21 and see how 3 Black Ariels (Ken Druce, William Webb, myself) and an AJS (Alan Skinner) power past our Ariel-hating Chairman on his sloth-like Zenith.  It’s time he got an Ariel 🙂


Photos from the Mid-Week Run September 2021

Being a VMCC Section Secretary is a thankless task and the tremendous stress affects us in different ways.  Here is my colleague, Martin Figg, current Secretary of the South Dorset Section cuddling a random chicken on yesterday’s Mid-Week Run. I rest my case. 🙂

I’m a little biased writing this report, as I organised the run, but I believe all 21 participants enjoyed the route from Milton Abbas to East Creech (& return) and those that hadn’t visited the café before said they would be back, no doubt for more cake.  Excellent turnout for a Mid-Week Run, no doubt due to the warm and sunny September day.  Oh…and the Drop-Off System worked well with no lost riders or missed turns.

For those of you with a pre-1931 bike, our next run is the 42nd Veteran & Vintage Run on 26th September, otherwise it is the Autumn Leaves Run on 17th October.

Photos from the Last of the Summer Wine Run 2021

Looks like I missed a good run today 🙁 .  Following a last minute change of the start location due to the Cheese Festival, it ended up starting in my village, so I did at least manage to get to the start and take a few photos and a short video of the riders setting off

Many thanks to Phil Allen for organising this run; and it was an opportunity to remember Bob Hoare, for so long a stalwart of this section and former organiser of the event.  Phil tells me 23 signed on and, of those, 20 kindly contributed £3 each to Section funds.

Don’t forget our Mid-Week Run this Wednesday starting outside the Hambro Arms in Milton Abbas at 2pm.  More here.

Setting Off

Photos from the Northern Run 2021

According to the Sign-On sheet, we had 22 riders yesterday but both Bernard and I thought there were more…hmm. Either way, there were several other large events taking place yesterday in our neck of the woods (Beaulieu, Arbuthnot Trial etc), so a good turnout for our Northern Run.

Many thanks to Bernard for arranging the weather and putting on a great route.  I’m not sure what to say about the Hunters Lodge; not being a beer drinker, it is probably best that I say nothing, but the photo of my lunch might give you a clue.

Guess who went to the wrong pub in Priddy?  I’ll give you a clue: they also went to the wrong garden centre in Gillingham for the start of our Border Run a few weeks ago.  Must try harder M&M! 🙂

Here is a new feature for our website.  If I’ve mapped out the route in Garmin Connect, I’ll post links like the ones below.  This will show you the route you should have taken plus the elevation graph etc (clickable), which I find quite interesting. i.e. the highest spot yesterday was at that queue where we were waiting to join the A37.  If you have a Sat Nav, you can also download the GTX file for each route:


Photos from the August Run 2021

As I was riding, for the first time, my latest* acquisition today,  I thought I’d also try out my new TCX Hero waterproof boots that I bought back in March.  Eating my delicious bacon bap with Chris Biddiscombe and Alan Skinner in Dikes café, I proudly showed them my new boots. They were wearing the exact same ones; I’m always late to the party!  Excellent boots BTW.   *it’s a 1927 Ariel Model E that’s been with the Bovenizer family for many years.  Thank you Peter for putting a deal together; it’s a fine machine.

Andy Grew’s report on today’s excellent run follows. Many thanks Andy for putting it together:

Runs on Bank Holiday weekends often don’t attract many entries as people are doing family things. Today, however, was different with 28 riders and several passengers signing on.

Weather was ideal, bright and warm and crucially dry! Dikes did us proud by reserving seating and providing excellent bacon and sausage baps, good to see their café open again.

Bike of choice today was BMW with 7, followed by Velocette with 5. Only one breakdown I am aware of, Andrew Rae’s much abused Excelsior throwing in the towel!

Run was 43 miles over the usual mix of roads, no grass but plenty of gravel.

Next week Bernards run ‘up t’North’ should be faster on better roads, see you then!

Regards Andy

At The Dikes Supermarket
The Syndling St Nicholas Ford
Wardon Hill Trading Post

The queues at the Wardon Hill Trading Post café were long and slow moving, so a few of us gave up and quietly departed and headed off to Petra Annette Vintage Café in Hazelbury Bryan : last two photos.


Photos from the Tiddler Run 2021

Yesterday we held our 2nd annual Tiddler Run — a run for motorcycles with an engine capacity of 250cc or less.  We never know how many people will turn up to the specialised runs, but I’m glad to report we had 11 sign-on yesterday.

Many thanks to Chris Biddiscombe for putting on an excellent route that took the participants on an outward 30 mile run from Henstridge Golf & Leisure to Teals for refreshments, followed by a return 15 mile run back to the start.

All said they enjoyed themselves and one person said this was the first run they’ve done where they didn’t get lost. 🙂

Photos from the Mid-Week Run August 2021

A few photo from Maurice and Marie McGladdery’s Mid-Week Run that was held last Wednesday (18th).  They report that there were 13 riders with 4 passengers signing-on and 8 of those had lunch at the Virginia Ash before the start of the run.  Everyone had a good time and all had tea and cakes at Compton McRae.

Maurice and Marie would also like to thank everyone who bought bits and pieces from their stall at the Club Night Autojumble on the previous Wednesday (11th).  They raised £92.00 and kindly donated it to the Brad Jones #20 recovery fund.  Brad had a serious accident at BSB – Brands Hatch at the end of July.  If anyone else would like to make a donation, the JustGiving page is

Video from the Border Run 2021

A good turnout for this annual run yesterday.  For a change, no photos but a 37 min YouTube video instead.

Started at Thorngrove Garden Centre in Gillingham and ended at Compton Abbas Airfield with a stop at The Ginger Piggery & Ginny’s Cafe, Boydon. 52 miles in total.

00:00 Start at Thorngrove Garden Centre in Gillingham
09:48 Mere
12:20 Deverills
13:40 Deverills
20:50 The Ginger Piggery & Ginny’s Cafe, Boydon
29:36 Dinton
32:00 Fovant
37:47 Compton Abbas Airfield