Photos from the Mid-Week Run August 2021

A few photo from Maurice and Marie McGladdery’s Mid-Week Run that was held last Wednesday (18th).  They report that there were 13 riders with 4 passengers signing-on and 8 of those had lunch at the Virginia Ash before the start of the run.  Everyone had a good time and all had tea and cakes at Compton McRae.

Maurice and Marie would also like to thank everyone who bought bits and pieces from their stall at the Club Night Autojumble on the previous Wednesday (11th).  They raised £92.00 and kindly donated it to the Brad Jones #20 recovery fund.  Brad had a serious accident at BSB – Brands Hatch at the end of July.  If anyone else would like to make a donation, the JustGiving page is

Video from the Border Run 2021

A good turnout for this annual run yesterday.  For a change, no photos but a 37 min YouTube video instead.

Started at Thorngrove Garden Centre in Gillingham and ended at Compton Abbas Airfield with a stop at The Ginger Piggery & Ginny’s Cafe, Boydon. 52 miles in total.

00:00 Start at Thorngrove Garden Centre in Gillingham
09:48 Mere
12:20 Deverills
13:40 Deverills
20:50 The Ginger Piggery & Ginny’s Cafe, Boydon
29:36 Dinton
32:00 Fovant
37:47 Compton Abbas Airfield

Photos from the Long Run 2021

I couldn’t make this one last Sunday due to family commitments, but I did get to see the route beforehand, and it looked to be an interesting one, so many thanks to Ken for organising this run.

Who would have thought it? Blandford has more than one car park and I hear some of you went to the wrong one for the start… 🙂 . Just a reminder that the website not only has the address of where a run starts from from, but also a map.

Despite the poor weather, comments like “A good turnout, however, once the correct car park had been identified and the route was expertly (and surprisingly) curated by Ken Druce.” and “Fine Run, a bit wet at times but very enjoyable.” were heard.

Photos courtesy of Paul Miles and Kevin Chapman.


Report on the GIANTS Run 2021

We held our second GIANTS Run yesterday.  At times, we thought it would never happen.  We started taking bookings for this run back in November 2019 after our successful first GIANTS Run and long before the Coronavirus pandemic. The GIANTS Run in June 2020 was cancelled for obvious reasons but, after several more date changes due to lockdown restrictions, Sunday 25th July 2021 finally arrived!  GIANTS Run day!

Some statistics: After a few cancellations due to date conflicts, illness, bike problems, etc., we had 74 registered to attend.  Of these, we finally had 56 riders on the day  and 18 no-shows.  I hope the no-shows weren’t put off by the weather because, despite a dodgy forecast, it was largely dry.

It was a great day! Lots of positive comments about the run and venue, with people asking if it was possible to book ahead for GIANTS Run 2022.

Thanks are due to:

  • Paul Miles, our Section Chairman, who has made this event happen.
  • Andy Grew, Martin Goodman, Phil Allen and Bernard Jones for traffic management
  • Philippa Wirdnam and Cressy Miles for looking after the sign-on.
  • Margot and her team at Thyme After Time Café for laying on some excellent food on Saturday evening, Sunday breakfast and Sunday lunch.
  • Pete Dungey, in his finest Dorset Section jumper, who kindly waved us all off at the start.
  • And last, but not least, all those riders and pillions who took part.
Saturday Afternoon

Camping was kindly provide by the farmer at Spire Hill Farm; we had about 10 camping on Saturday night.

In the late afternoon, a few local Dorset Section members assembled at Spire Hill and took our guests on a short bike ride up to Shaftesbury to see Gold Hill. Once back at Spire Hill, it was time for a drink, Margot’s lasagne dinner and a chin wag.

Sunday Morning

By 8:30am, the local helpers had arrived, the campers were waking and Margot and her team were brewing teas & coffees and cooking bacon baps.  The run kicked off at 10:30 with Pete Dungey seeing us off with a huge Dorset flag.  The short route was 35 mile and the long route was 60 miles.  After the run, another meal provided by Margot and her team.

Photos mainly by Paul Wirdnam, Paul Miles and Adie Ray

Photos from Car and Bike Club Night 2021

Our first Club Night in a very long time – 18 months actually!  And it was a perfect sunny evening for our annual Car and Bike night.  Plus, we’re back at Henstridge Golf and Leisure which is under new ownership – Sandra and Brian are the managers and are still finding their feet but I thought they were coping very well last night.

Someone counted 25 bikes and 4 cars of interest.  Lots of old faces and some new ones. It’s great to be back.  Before you take a look at the photos, take a look at this short video.  It shows the two types of Vintagent. On the left is a bloke who has already failed to get his bike started on his fist attempt before the start of the video, and he’s now blaming everyone except himself or the Norton Inferior.  You can feel his frustration as he starts to jump wildly on the kick start.  It’s all rather unpleasant. Compare this with the calm Ariel owner on the right. No dramas, just a couple of kicks, and he’s away. (Many thanks to Simon Barker for the two videos)

Photo (in no particular order)

Photos from the Ox Drove Run 2021

Yesterday, I was eagerly looking for Bernard at the start, obviously to sign-on but mainly to ask him why it was called The Ox Drove Run…only to find out that he had already re-named it to something boring like the Northern Circular Runaround.  For me, it will always be The Ox Drove Run. 🙂

A good turn out with 19 people signing on and a very pleasant 34 mile run from Marsh and Ham car park in Blandford to the Horton Inn via the Tarrants, Melbury Abbas, Zig Zag Hill, Tollard Royal and the Gussages.  I spotted Peter Miller breaking down close to the start with a broken chain split link, but he had a spare, so a nice recovery and he made it to the pub before the rest of us! I’m not sure Dan Skinner on the big Kawasaki was so lucky; he seemed to have starting problems with a flat battery.

Thanks Bernard for yet another good run.  If anyone else wants to organise a run, we would be very grateful, so please get in touch.  Don’t leave it to the same few Committee members to do it….

Don’t forget our next few events: Car and Bike Club Night this Wednesday (14th),  Mid-Week Run on the 21st and GIANTS Run on the 25th

Photos from the Chairman’s Challenge Run 2021

I wasn’t able to make yesterday Chairman’s Challenge Run but, by all accounts, and despite some rain, everyone had a good time.  It was nice of our Chairman to offer free cake to anyone who completed the course with the exact same mileage as himself, but he knew full well his hard earned lucre was safe. Odometers are not the most accurate things in the world and his was probably way off. Nice one Paul 🙂

Text and most photos below by Paul Miles.  And don’t forget our Ox Drove Run next Sunday 11th : details here.

Your correspondent attended the splendid Chairman’s Challenge this morning in the company of about a 15 others who laughed at the weather forecast, placed their trust in perfect motorcycle preparation and quality weatherproof riding attire. A run of just under fifty miles followed, with detailed route maps and distances being substituted for the need to look out for road signs. Nobody matched the chairman’s mileage so he kept his wallet safely closed and bought no cake. A couple of showers scudding through, but a good time was had by all.

Photos from the Blue Haze Run

This was a first for the Section, laying on a run exclusively for two stroke motorcycles. Despite opening up the run to those pesky four strokes, for the first time, we failed to pre-book all 30 places. Was something else on? Hot weather send everyone to the coast?

Andy’s report is below and many thanks Andy, for putting this run together, and, yes, Teals café is a great new venue for us.  I think we did rather well  getting 11 stinkwheels and hope this classified run becomes an annual event on our calendar: great oaks from little acorns grow!

Don’t forget: we have a mid-week run on Wednesday (16th) and the Somerset Levels Run next Sunday (20th).  Check our event calendar for details.


The first Blue Haze Run, was certainly the Blue Sky Run with the warmest day of the year so far!

We had 19 entrants – 11 on 2 Strokes and 4 on f*** strokes. Very mixed bag of strokers ranging from a 1924 Scott Squirrel to a Kawasaki 750 H2, the smell of 2 stroke was definately in the air at certain points of the route.

The route left The Trading post and went over Batcombe to Sherbourne and then to Poyntington to Teals farmshop and café at North Cadbury. This new café is definitely worth considering if organising an event in this area. After a pleasant stop we then proceeded to Somerton, Martock, Hazlebury Plucknett and back to the Trading Post. All in 64 miles were covered.

So if you have a 2 stroke of any type gathering dust in the back of your shed, dig it out and dust it off ready for next year, whatever it is you will find someone going at a similar pace. Lets see if we can get over twenty stinkwheels next year!

At The Start
At Teals


Photos and Video from the Summer Run 2021

What a run!  120 miles for me and involving three counties:  Dorset, Somerset and Devon.  I’ll start off by posting Bernard’s report:

“Well, I think everybody enjoyed the run, I certainly did not get any complaints. One gentleman who perhaps did not enjoy the day, riding a flat tanker, broke down on the route to Dunkerswell, I believe with a seized engine. He was waiting for his rescue service, and was still waiting when we came back passed the same spot. I do hope all ended well for him. It appears Tubby’s café was closed, but “The Aviator” was able to accommodate us OK. I was rather alarmed as we approached the restaurant, with the vast number of parked cars, thankfully aviation spectators, not hungry people. We had a good mixture of roads, I don’t like the A303 but we had to join it to get further West. The Blackdown Hills have some wonderful roads I only wish they were nearer!”

We certainly did enjoy it Bernard; many thanks for an excellent route.  And not having visited the Blackdown Hills before, I particularly liked the A30 sweeping down into Yarcombe from Chard and then the twisty bends going up the other side to the top of the hills.  Loved it and it’s featured in my short video below.

The gentleman on the flat tank Sunbeam is Andy Turner and he finally got home at 6pm.  By the time his engine had freed off, he’d already called the rescue service so he decided to wait it out.  See you on the GIANTS Run, Andy.

And two other no-shows due to breakdowns getting to the start. Jeanette Dungey broken down on her newish bike, so she and Pete were absent.  And Dave Bramley and friend broke down somewhere between Salisbury and Warden Hill.

One other person was conspicuous by his absence: our Section Chairperson.  But I hear he’s given up riding motorcycles and become a motorcycle dealer…

The Start at Warden Hill Trading Post
Dunkeswell and back at Warden Hill
Some Views of the Outward Journey from my Helmet Camera

Over the last few months, I’ve been playing around with various helmet cameras and trying to get better at video editing.  The outward run was about 90 minutes in length which would bore you silly if I showed all 90 minutes of it, so I’ve condensed it down to about 9 minutes.  I was leading my little group of three (Ken Druce and William Webb), but as they were behind me, you’ll rarely see them, except when the Sat Nav took us the wrong way (4:29).  Blackdown Hills / Yarcombe (5:26).  Make sure you watch it fullscreen and in 1440p HD.  If you’re wondering what Peter Bovenizer says to me right at the start of the video, it is “Don’t you be a hooligan on that!” 🙂 .