Photos from the Dorset Dawdle 2024

After what seems like weeks of rain Sunday was forecast to be good and, surprisingly, it was! A very pleasant run to the Spyway Inn with some amazing views made all the better by the perfect weather.

Of particular note was that Ryan had lent one of his Velo’s to Adam for the day. A few stops were required to provide tutorials in the art of Velo starting, but both finished the day under their own steam.

Thanks to Ryan for stepping in to organise the run, his report below.

So 11 signed on and the weather was kind to us. We set off heading south and got some stunning views over Eggerdon hill before we stopped at the Spyway in at Askerwell. We then headed back towards Sherborne

The only breakdown I know of was myself when my carb decided to unscrew it’s self so a quick fix and we were soon back underway, 3 of us arrived back in Sherborne. I believe every one enjoyed the run and Adam learnt how to start a Velo. Now to look forward to next week’s Giants run.

At the Start

At The Spyway Inn