Motorcycle Turntable

Chatting to Phil Allen the other night, I told him about my budget bike turntable, and he suggested I post details on our section website. so here it is.

If you have a small garage or drive, often turning the bike around is a chore or not really possible. I have quite a steep slope into my garage, so I tend to ride in. I can push the bike in if I take a run up, but cannot push the bike backward up the slope by myself. I happen to have a roller starter and if I need to use them, all the bikes are the wrong way around. I was going to buy a proprietary turntable but conscious of usage problems I starting looking at “youtube” clips. This is where I spotted the budget arrangement, using a “lazy susan” These are on ebay, rated at 1000lb ¬†loading for as little as ¬£8.50 including postage! All you need to do is attach a piece of ply I used 3/8″, There are only 4 bolt holes, so I increased that to 8, using M6 gutter bolts, and there you are. I made life easier as suggested on the clip, by using a couple of ramps, so the centre stand is at normal height. Take a look at the pictures!

Bernard Jones

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