Photos from Car and Bike Club Night 2021

Our first Club Night in a very long time – 18 months actually!  And it was a perfect sunny evening for our annual Car and Bike night.  Plus, we’re back at Henstridge Golf and Leisure which is under new ownership – Sandra and Brian are the managers and are still finding their feet but I thought they were coping very well last night.

Someone counted 25 bikes and 4 cars of interest.  Lots of old faces and some new ones. It’s great to be back.  Before you take a look at the photos, take a look at this short video.  It shows the two types of Vintagent. On the left is a bloke who has already failed to get his bike started on his fist attempt before the start of the video, and he’s now blaming everyone except himself or the Norton Inferior.  You can feel his frustration as he starts to jump wildly on the kick start.  It’s all rather unpleasant. Compare this with the calm Ariel owner on the right. No dramas, just a couple of kicks, and he’s away. (Many thanks to Simon Barker for the two videos)

Photo (in no particular order)