Photos from Chairman’s Challenge Run 2024

Maybe it was the promise of an ice-cream as we had a good turn out even though most people woke up to rain. This is always an entertaining event and this years was no exception, thankyou to Paul for an excellent day out. Remember if you would like the honour of organising this run next year you know what to do!

Personally I didn’t find it anymore difficult to follow the route using Paul’s brief route sheet, maybe this is the way to go, what do you all think?

We also welcomed a new member to our Section, Richard Harding riding a BMW R25, on his second run. We obviously didn’t put him off on the Fish & Chip Run.

Pauls report below.

20 riders, plus four pillions signed on for the Chairman’s Challenge, starting from a new venue- Laycock’s cider barn, outside Sherborne. The participants followed a torturous 35 mile route, travelling through Hammoon, the Stours, Gillingham and onto Mere. En-route, several questions were asked of them, including:

The earliest recorded date for Sturminster mill – 1016

What type of poo is sold at a certain farm – donkey and pony

The cost to drove a flock of swine across the ford – 5d

And details from a blue plaque

Only two riders successfully answered the Chairman’s questions, so the joint winners  were:
Rod & Carol Hann and Andrew Rae!

All finishers were rewarded with ice creams and the Chairman would like to thank everyone who supported this fun event; next year’s incumbent will really have to step up!

Congratulations to Rod & Carol and to Andrew, personally I would doubt my sanity if my answers were the same as our Chairmans.

I was late arriving at the start due to having to change bikes after a gearbox failure on my Laverda 3C a couple of miles from home. It turned out to be a spring that had broken which is a 10 minute job to replace, that’s a relief! Maybe if you have a breakdown in the future and would like to send me some words and pictures I could share it with the Section so they can ‘sympathise’ at your misfortune and offer ‘helpful’ advice.

Thanks to Pinky and Perky for the additional photos.