Photos from Impromptu Run Jan 2024


Bernard suggested this impromptu Run, as a bit of an experiment, as the weather looked good on the short range weather forecast. As we have to plan our entire years’ programme of events in October one thing we can’t allow for is the weather! This does result in some of our winter runs being cancelled.

If you see a gap in our programme and would like to organise an impromptu run, give me a call on 01935 593096 or on so I can send out a note to our mailing list.

Report from Bernard,

Another glorious winter’s day. The forecast was good and it turned out good, mild and dry. About 8 riders and 2 passengers turned up. I am vague about numbers as an unofficial run we did not sign on to a run sheet. Besides myself Honda, We know Andy Grew Laverda, Barry Wilson BMW, Will and Alison Collard Velo., Phil Allen Honda, Lee and Mandy BMW, Paul Nimbus and I think it was Nick Field on the Moto Guzzi turned out. Sorry for those I missed I

We met at Shillingstone Station, to set off at 10.30, but Phil arrived quite late and realised he didn’t have enough fuel for the run and there were no filling stations on route. So we waited a little while. Phil came back quite quickly, only to tell us he had no money either. He must have had a good Saturday night! Anyway, Will and I accompanied Phil to the local filling station, while the rest attempted ( attempted is the right word! Andy)to follow my route sheet. I say attempted, because I only listed major junctions and left a few to work out! Sorry about that. I’ve keep the route sheet and added the missing turnings.

We went via Oakford Fitzpaine, Bulbarrow, Ansty Cross, Milborne St Andrews, Puddletown, Crossways and Morton to the Rainbow café at East Knighton on the Wool to Dorchester Road. Well that was the proposed route, not sure if Andy’s followed that. Even I want wrong at Crossways, There is a double left turn, I took the second one ( so did we! Andy) whereas I should have taken the first to Morton, instead we ended up at Owermoigne, so quick blast down the A352 to East Knighton. Andy’s group were already eating when we arrived!. Not been to the café before, good basic food at a sensible price. The place is decorated with motoring signs and some bike parts, I shall go again, enjoyed my eggs and bacon.

A couple of us went back to Shillingstone and enjoyed a coffee and cake. Generally a thoroughly good day.

Note to other sections, if you are reading this. It’s worth doing an impromptu winter run when the forecast looks good

Bernard Jones

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