Photos from the Bluebell Run 2024

What a fantastic day out, the weather was perfect, the run very scenic and the cafe’s were pleasant. We had our highest attendance of the year so far, and it was good to see many partners being tempted out.

It was especially gratifying to see 4 Moto Guzzi’s, as well as the obligatory Laverda, one day Italians will outnumber the BMW’s!

Thanks to Ken for organising the event, although I don’t know what he’s on with all this talk of man-eating plants!

Following on from Phil’s Blandford Run, The Bluebell Run was again well supported with 25 people signing on. Lo’s café worked so well for Phil’s run, it was decided to start there again. The outward route from Lo’s café to Round Chimneys at Glanvilles Wootton was superb. I am not blowing my own trumpet as the route was essentially Paul Wirdnam’s, I merely tacked the start/end on from/to Lo’s café.

In previous years, the Bluebell’s were absent, probably because my route completely missed them out, BUT THIS YEAR! There were plenty to see. There was also a location marked on the route sheet, where there was a huge carnivorous plant . Nobody reported seeing the beast, but then if it had eaten someone, would we know ?

We were fortunate with the weather which was bright but chilly, which is better than the grey and wet that we seemed to have experienced for a long time. I did not hear of any breakdowns but a few people did take ‘alternate’ routes to Round Chimney’s.

I think everyone enjoyed the event and there was a good mix of bikes, photo’s are curtesy of Paul Wirdnam.

Additional photos from Kevin Chapman and some ‘on the move’ photos from Lee & Mandy Bastin, which show the scenery and blue sky beautifully.

At Lo’s Cafe in Pimperne

Delcombe Woods

Round Chimney’s Café and Farm, Boys Hill

On the Move