Photos from the Long Run 2019

It was the Long Run yesterday.

Approximately 45 miles from Top O Town car park in Dorchester to the Seaton Tramway in Devon and a similar number of miles back from Seaton to Cerne Abbas.  With many of us doing 20 or more miles to get to the start, most of us ended up with a total mileage into three figures by the time we got home.

Ken Druce, the organiser, tells me 24 signed on. The weather forecast probably put a few people off.  It didn’t bucket down like on Wednesday’s Mid-Week Run, but it was threatening to rain throughout the run, and occasionally did.  It’s not been a good June weather-wise 🙁 .


Author: Paul Wirdnam

Strangely addicted to Ariel motorcycles from the '20s, 30s and 40s.

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