Photos from The Spring Run 2024


Very poor turn out for our Spring Run, when the day before we had approx 30 people for our breakfast meet! Do you want a luncheon club or riding club? Is this starting point unpopular or the route too long or any other reason why you did not want to participate? Feedback to me or Bernard would be appreciated.

Anyway thanks to Bernard for organising the run, his report follows.

Well I don’t know what to say, only 3 other Dorset section rider signed on. Early morning there was some rain, but when I left home at 9.15 it had stopped. The forecast was for less than 10% chance of rain during the rest of the day, but as it turned out the run there and back was totally dry. The temperature was quite mild. Both Barry Wilson and I had to turn off our electric gloves, even on the lowest setting they were too hot. So where were you all and don’t tell me you all went to the VMCC AGM.

We met up with the South Dorset section who were at least double our number at the Trading Post, Wardon Hill on the A37. Andrew Rae was away quite promptly on his 197cc Excelsior, followed not much later by Ray and Linda Dickinson BMW R80, Barry Wilson BMW R90/6 and myself Vincent Rapide. Guess who got there first? That Excelsior must have been supercharged, did he follow the designated routes, did he keep to the speed limits, who knows. South Dorset set their own route following Simon Barker. Our run set off cross country through Evershot, Broad Windsor and Chard then on to the A30. I love that section through the Blackdown Hills. We then went cross country again on a few smaller roads avoiding Dunkerswell village to meet up at the Aviator café on Dunkerwell airfield, north of Honiton. We were met there by a group from East Devon VMCC. We had a good lunch and natter and then head off back, I believe most headed home rather than back to the Trading Post. No problems reported.

Bernard Jones

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