Photos from Valentines Run 2024


This is my third year of organising the Valentines Run. The first year was cancelled due to a forecast hurricane and last year the weather didn’t look good so I was on my own! Different this year though with 12 riders plus two pillions signing on at Teals.

Ok the coffee may be a bit expensive but I do enjoy starting from Teals as their facilities are excellent. So after a leisurely cuppa we set off, and it was dry!

Although our illustrious Chairman has several hundred eligible bikes he chose to use a modern Guzzi which the Committee members on the run agreed was not acceptable, he pulled rank and came along anyway.

The photo at the top of this page shows Ray & Linda taking avoiding action around a guy with an obvious death wish!

Now I thought as my route was largely on main roads it was fool proof, obviously not as several took wrong turnings and two ended up at Nunney Catch, but they were from South Dorset Section so was to be expected.

My route took us to Bruton and up over Witham Hill then back through Maiden Bradley, Wincanton and Buckhorn Weston to the Virginia Ash. The ever obliging staff at The Ash sorted us a seating area for a larger than expected group, excellent service.

Just one very short shower and not too cold, proving that runs in the Winter can be pleasurable.

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