Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) Dorset Section Committee
7th November 2019
Version 1.2

The VMCC Dorset Section holds certain information about you. This document describes how this data is collected, used and stored.

Scope of this Document and Definitions Used

  1. This document only applies to your personal data that is held in electronic form. It does not cover personal data held in printed form such as run sign-on sheets, run reports etc.
  2. A “member” is any person who attends VMCC Dorset Section club nights, runs and / or events. It also refers to people who have signed up to receive new post notifications on our website or who have joined our Facebook page.

We Potentially Hold:

Your full name, address, phone number(s), machine details and email address. For some members, we only have full name, address and phones; for others, we only have full name and email address.

How is this Data Collected?

  1. You have given this information to a Committee member in the past.
  2. You have registered to receive New Posts Notifications on our website.
  3. You have registered online to take part in one of our runs.
  4. You have joined the Facebook Dorset Section VMCC page.

Who has Access to this Data?

Only the VMCC Dorset Section Committee has access to this data.

How is this Information Used?

  1. To notify you of new posts on our website.
  2. To notify you of new posts to our Facebook page.
  3. To register you as a rider in one of our runs.
  4. To contact you if there are sudden changes to our published calendar of events. I.e. a run cancellation due to poor weather.
  5. To contact you if there are important items of information which we have been requested to bring to your attention by VMCC Headquarters.

Where is your Data is Stored?

Your data is stored on password-protected Cloud-based servers.

Disclosing your Information

  1. We will only pass on your personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so.
  2. We will never share your information with any other organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes, and we do not pass on your details to other websites.

Your Rights

  1. You can find out what information we hold about you by emailing the VMCC Dorset Section Secretary ( and you can “opt-out” at any time. If you do decide to “opt-out”, we will delete all your personal data that we hold for you and remove you from our website and Facebook distribution lists. You can “opt-in” at any time if you change your mind.
  2. We publish numerous photographs of members and their bikes on our website and Facebook page. Many of these photographs will clearly show the vehicle’s registration number. While we own the photographs, we have not explicitly sought the member’s permission to publish these photographs on the Internet, and nor is it practical for us to do so. We will, of course, respond to any valid request to remove a photograph; email the VMCC Dorset Section Secretary (


A cookie is a small file that a website transfers to your device that allows a server to remember specific information about your usage session.

  1. Our website employs a single cookie for recording the number of visits to each page. It is a counter only and does not record any personal information.
  2. Our Facebook page employs numerous Cookies. If you are concerned about Cookies, you should not be using Facebook.

Any Questions?

Please email the Secretary at