Report on the GIANTS Run 2024

GIANTS Run is over for another year and Pinky (Paul M) & Perky (myself) need a rest. Many thanks to all of our riders, helpers and Margot & her staff in the café; without all of you, it wouldn’t be the success that it seems to have become. And, of course, it couldn’t have happened without Paul Miles (many thanks Paul!); his report follows:

Our very own GIANTS run has just taken place, with all the 100 slots selling out in 4 days!
The initial planning is largely a two-hander and my thanks are especially due to my co-
conspirator, Paul Wirdnam.

Despite a few last-minute cancellations, largely a result of dire weather forecasts, we still had something like 90 bikes at the start on Sunday; Spire hill farm resonating to a glorious sound. The usual brave (given the weather prediction, foolhardy?) campers arrived Saturday afternoon and three groups of entrants, plus some of our section members, were led on shakedown rides by Bernard, Paul W and myself. On Christine Hunt’s recommendation, I took my group to a seedy pub in Sherborne – Chris knows all the best places! Although our runs took place in fine, dry weather, overnight saw yet more heavy rain, as well as a local rave, keeping the campers from too much beauty sleep.

Sunday dawned bright and fair; we have a tradition of glibly ‘promising’ good weather, but this year suggested anything but. We were also joined by VMCC President Neil Lewis and the routes took us past Cucklington, Stourhead and Knoyle, before heading back to Spire Hill for a hot lunch. Apart from the last half-dozen stragglers, arriving back well after everyone else had gone home, it stayed completely dry and sunny for the entire event; Dorset section having kept their promise yet again!

Our thanks are especially due to section volunteers, helping out with camping, parking and group leading. We would like to see as many of our section taking part in the run as possible, so if you’ve not ridden GIANTS before and would like to, or don’t own a suitable bike, please let either of the Pauls know and we’ll see what we can do.

A few quotes from our GIANTS Run Facebook Group:

Came over from Ireland for this run and thoroughly enjoyed it, well organised, great company and great bikes.

By far my favourite run of the year, despite some mechanical gremlins befalling some of our team, which resulted in getting caught in a biblical downpour and arriving back late and missing lunch! Looking forward to next year already – thanks guys…

Brilliant, met some old friends, made some new ones and had a fantastic time, the route was perfect, IMO. Thank you Pinky and Perky and the team at Thyme and Time Again. See you next time

A brilliant day as always, thank you! I really enjoyed the 9 miles I did before I broke down 🙂 (sorry Mark Hall and Richard – back to the classroom for me!)

Cracking day out on the Vin. 30 miles there, 70 mile run and 30 miles back. Didn’t miss a beat.

Thank you Pinky and Perky for another gradely day out in sunny Dorsetshire. Thanks to all the other entrants and special thanks to the cafe staff for providing the lunch. Dorothy and Claude have had a grand day out.See you next time

Photos kindly provided by Roger Mills, Paul Wirdnam, Duncan Shanks and Paul Miles

Saturday Afternoon

Sunday Morning

Stourhead and Other Photos