Marston Sunbeam Rally 2018

Sunbeam Model 80

Ken and myself attended the Marston Sunbeam Rally this weekend, this year is the 100th anniversary of John Marston’s death and the theme being the Sunbeam Racing bikes. Many members brought theirs but we were loaned bikes from the Black County Museum collection. We had 3 of the 1930 works bikes together for the first time since 1930, and 2 of them were started and run round the field. You also will see our freind Winold sitting on one of the sprint bike which was started and run. It sounded like thunder when they were running such a privilege.

The weather was excellent, and was attended by more than 90 people, 70+ bikes from the 1910’s up to the 30’s but the highlight of course was the racing bikes.

The atmosphere and the opportunity to talk Sunbeams is fantastic, also we picked up some bits that never seem to come available for especially the early 1920’s bikes, so now l can get the 1920 bike finished.

I have put a few photos together including the members bikes that won the concourse hope you like them and Phil’s Model 9 which as you can see is better than the day it was made, Winold’s Model 7 which needs a bit more work, but the engine now rebuilt by Chris Odlin, also an imposter turned up with a very nice Norton.

A good weekend had by all, thanks to Trevor for organising the weekend, oh and the Banks Sunbeam Beer!!

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