Photos and Video from the Summer Run 2021

What a run!  120 miles for me and involving three counties:  Dorset, Somerset and Devon.  I’ll start off by posting Bernard’s report:

“Well, I think everybody enjoyed the run, I certainly did not get any complaints. One gentleman who perhaps did not enjoy the day, riding a flat tanker, broke down on the route to Dunkerswell, I believe with a seized engine. He was waiting for his rescue service, and was still waiting when we came back passed the same spot. I do hope all ended well for him. It appears Tubby’s café was closed, but “The Aviator” was able to accommodate us OK. I was rather alarmed as we approached the restaurant, with the vast number of parked cars, thankfully aviation spectators, not hungry people. We had a good mixture of roads, I don’t like the A303 but we had to join it to get further West. The Blackdown Hills have some wonderful roads I only wish they were nearer!”

We certainly did enjoy it Bernard; many thanks for an excellent route.  And not having visited the Blackdown Hills before, I particularly liked the A30 sweeping down into Yarcombe from Chard and then the twisty bends going up the other side to the top of the hills.  Loved it and it’s featured in my short video below.

The gentleman on the flat tank Sunbeam is Andy Turner and he finally got home at 6pm.  By the time his engine had freed off, he’d already called the rescue service so he decided to wait it out.  See you on the GIANTS Run, Andy.

And two other no-shows due to breakdowns getting to the start. Jeanette Dungey broken down on her newish bike, so she and Pete were absent.  And Dave Bramley and friend broke down somewhere between Salisbury and Warden Hill.

One other person was conspicuous by his absence: our Section Chairperson.  But I hear he’s given up riding motorcycles and become a motorcycle dealer…

The Start at Warden Hill Trading Post
Dunkeswell and back at Warden Hill
Some Views of the Outward Journey from my Helmet Camera

Over the last few months, I’ve been playing around with various helmet cameras and trying to get better at video editing.  The outward run was about 90 minutes in length which would bore you silly if I showed all 90 minutes of it, so I’ve condensed it down to about 9 minutes.  I was leading my little group of three (Ken Druce and William Webb), but as they were behind me, you’ll rarely see them, except when the Sat Nav took us the wrong way (4:29).  Blackdown Hills / Yarcombe (5:26).  Make sure you watch it fullscreen and in 1440p HD.  If you’re wondering what Peter Bovenizer says to me right at the start of the video, it is “Don’t you be a hooligan on that!” 🙂 .

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