Photos from the Chairman’s Challenge Run 2021

I wasn’t able to make yesterday Chairman’s Challenge Run but, by all accounts, and despite some rain, everyone had a good time.  It was nice of our Chairman to offer free cake to anyone who completed the course with the exact same mileage as himself, but he knew full well his hard earned lucre was safe. Odometers are not the most accurate things in the world and his was probably way off. Nice one Paul 🙂

Text and most photos below by Paul Miles.  And don’t forget our Ox Drove Run next Sunday 11th : details here.

Your correspondent attended the splendid Chairman’s Challenge this morning in the company of about a 15 others who laughed at the weather forecast, placed their trust in perfect motorcycle preparation and quality weatherproof riding attire. A run of just under fifty miles followed, with detailed route maps and distances being substituted for the need to look out for road signs. Nobody matched the chairman’s mileage so he kept his wallet safely closed and bought no cake. A couple of showers scudding through, but a good time was had by all.

Author: Paul Wirdnam

Strangely addicted to Ariel motorcycles from the '20s, 30s and 40s.

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