Photos from the Chairman’s Challenge Run 2022

The following report from Paul Miles following his very successful Chairman’s Challenge Run yesterday:

On Sunday, the chairman welcomed 23 riders, plus several pillions, for his annual Chairman’s Challenge run. With the aim of encouraging a gentler pace of run, the 40 mile route was almost exclusively over unclassified and B roads, heading North into the Deverills and finishing at King Alfred’s tower coffee stall, where the riders were met by the chairman and awarded a choc ice for their efforts. Several ice creams were left unclaimed however, with a small group* apparently getting lost and ending up taking refreshment far from the intended route. It was nice to see some of our newer members participating and everybody seemed to have fun.

*I’ll own up to being in this group and Paul M is being polite above.  His comments on our Facebook page are much more expressive 🙂  :

Needless to say, a small group of lightweights (the usual suspects, frankly) were unable to follow even the simplest of instructions, hamstrung as they were without being able to resort to modern technology. They slunk away in their coterie of sadness and inadequacy, enduring the bitter fare of failure at the Loserville cafe.

Many thanks to Paul Miles for organising this and supplying the ice creams.

The Start at Thorngrove Garden Centre in Gillingham

The End at King Alfreds Tower
The Lightweights at the Loserville Café

In true GOT fashion, as part of atonement for my sins, I’ve attempted to plot the route all should have taken in photo #3 below:


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