Preparing for the Dorset Dakar

On Tuesday of this week, Andrew Rae took 5 volunteers* on a scouting mission to assess the feasibility of an off-road adventure for all our section members and friends, assuming little or no prior off road experience and a lack of dedicated machinery.

We’re delighted to report it was 99% successful** and the new run, The Dorset Dakar,  will be announced very soon. Watch this space; it’s likely to be in September.

*the volunteers were Simon Barker (BMW), Ray Dickinson (pillion in Andrew’s Ariel sidecar outfit), Ken Druce (Yamaha), Paul Miles (rigid Triumph) and Paul Wirdnam (BSA on road tyres).

**the very last stage, a distance of 1 mile, was a killer and all agreed that it should not be included in the future run.  How the sidecar outfit got through is a mystery and I hear Ray ended up in the hedge a couple of times.  Your Secretary came off his BSA and had to be rescued by Ken; new indicators were bought from Feked on the way home 🙂   Our Chairman missed this last section, he must have known!

The run was finished off with a nice lunch at the Fox and Goose in Coombe Bisset.

A great experience!  Many thanks Andrew for putting this together and for  providing the water and biscuits for us all at the stopping point above the Fovant badges.

Photos by Simon, Paul M and Paul W

Author: Paul Wirdnam

Strangely addicted to Ariel motorcycles from the '20s, 30s and 40s.

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