Photos from the August Run 2021

As I was riding, for the first time, my latest* acquisition today,  I thought I’d also try out my new TCX Hero waterproof boots that I bought back in March.  Eating my delicious bacon bap with Chris Biddiscombe and Alan Skinner in Dikes café, I proudly showed them my new boots. They were wearing the exact same ones; I’m always late to the party!  Excellent boots BTW.   *it’s a 1927 Ariel Model E that’s been with the Bovenizer family for many years.  Thank you Peter for putting a deal together; it’s a fine machine.

Andy Grew’s report on today’s excellent run follows. Many thanks Andy for putting it together:

Runs on Bank Holiday weekends often don’t attract many entries as people are doing family things. Today, however, was different with 28 riders and several passengers signing on.

Weather was ideal, bright and warm and crucially dry! Dikes did us proud by reserving seating and providing excellent bacon and sausage baps, good to see their café open again.

Bike of choice today was BMW with 7, followed by Velocette with 5. Only one breakdown I am aware of, Andrew Rae’s much abused Excelsior throwing in the towel!

Run was 43 miles over the usual mix of roads, no grass but plenty of gravel.

Next week Bernards run ‘up t’North’ should be faster on better roads, see you then!

Regards Andy

At The Dikes Supermarket
The Syndling St Nicholas Ford
Wardon Hill Trading Post

The queues at the Wardon Hill Trading Post café were long and slow moving, so a few of us gave up and quietly departed and headed off to Petra Annette Vintage Café in Hazelbury Bryan : last two photos.


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