Photos from the Northern Run 2021

According to the Sign-On sheet, we had 22 riders yesterday but both Bernard and I thought there were more…hmm. Either way, there were several other large events taking place yesterday in our neck of the woods (Beaulieu, Arbuthnot Trial etc), so a good turnout for our Northern Run.

Many thanks to Bernard for arranging the weather and putting on a great route.  I’m not sure what to say about the Hunters Lodge; not being a beer drinker, it is probably best that I say nothing, but the photo of my lunch might give you a clue.

Guess who went to the wrong pub in Priddy?  I’ll give you a clue: they also went to the wrong garden centre in Gillingham for the start of our Border Run a few weeks ago.  Must try harder M&M! 🙂

Here is a new feature for our website.  If I’ve mapped out the route in Garmin Connect, I’ll post links like the ones below.  This will show you the route you should have taken plus the elevation graph etc (clickable), which I find quite interesting. i.e. the highest spot yesterday was at that queue where we were waiting to join the A37.  If you have a Sat Nav, you can also download the GTX file for each route:


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