Photos from the Halloween Run 2021

After hours of torrential rain, Bernard, very wisely, cancelled his run yesterday at 8am; we then tried to let everyone know.  Here is the view of the A357 from the Fiddleford Inn, close to Bernard’s house. In 17 years, he’s never seen the Darknoll Brook flood this road. He tried two different routes to get to Dikes Supermarket in the car, but failed on both: one route was totally flooded and the other had police turning people around.

Not everyone checks their email in the morning, so we had  three riders brave the water and turn up at the start.  You know who you are Andy, Chris and Tim! 🙂   Since they all live west of Stalbridge, I assume us folk in the Blandford direction got it a lot worse.  But, not to be outdone, once the sun came out, Ken Druce, Phil Allen and Will Collard decided to ride down to West Bay (you couldn’t make this up! 🙂 ).  Here is Phil’s report with a couple of photos:

The Halloween Run was cancelled but it did not stop 3 hardy souls taking to their bikes (a Yamaha, a Velocette and a Honda) the sun was shining so off we set from Stourpaine heading for Dorchester and hopefully on to West Bay, it started off well for about 3 miles until we got to all the flooded roads, still we pressed on through the deep water, regularly changing the route due to the road being impassable even for the Yamaha, oh the wind, debris and wet leaves on the road made for a very interesting ride, but eventually making the Top of Town car park and café where we had some very nice food and then back on the bikes (it was raining by now) and on back to Blandford, a good day was had by all. Incidentally we met a couple in Dorchester who to say the least were very surprised we were out on bikes that day.

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