Wednesday’s Mid-Week Run and its Re-Enactment

Last Wednesday (19th) was the first of our four Mid-Week Runs in 2019.  As I hadn’t been out on my bike for a couple of weeks, I was determined to take part, no matter what the weather.


Wednesday (19th)

I managed to get to the start at Warden Hill Trading Post on the A37, a distance of 20 miles from my house, without driving on wet roads and here I joined up with about nine other riders.    But there were ominous black clouds in the direction of Mangerton Mill (our destination), so I think we all donned our over-trousers and set off….

Rod and Carol Hann, the run organisers, took us on a very picturesque route via Wyford Eagle and Spyway, but we rode through some really horrible weather.  However, we all made it to Mangerton Mill, where we all enjoyed a cream tea indoors while it continued to rain outside.  And it was still raining when we left to head back to Warden Hill.  Many thanks to Rod & Carol for organising such a good route.  By the time I got home, I’d covered 75 miles, mainly in the wet 🙁 .

Friday (21st)

Yes, the weather on Wednesday could have been better (much better actually 🙂 ), but I for one still enjoyed it and wanted to re-do the route in better weather.  So yesterday, after my riding gear had dried out, Ken Druce and I headed off to Mangerton Mill again and I had my second cream tea of the week.


Author: Paul Wirdnam

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