Photos from the Border Run 2019

Unfortunately, our Border Run last Sunday clashed with a couple of other large events taking place on the same day (i.e. Popham Airfield 2019 Motorcycle Megameet and the Graham Walker Memorial Run), so the number of riders signing on was only 20.

But those 20, and I was one of them, had a very enjoyable 63 mile run. The forecasted afternoon rain never materialised, which was a plus, and with an ice cream stop at the viewing point on Hamm Hill followed by tea & cake at Hamish’s, what’s not to like.

Many thanks to Gabby Hunt and Pete Dungey for organising it.

Points to mention: Ken Druce nearly lost one of his Sunbeam Model 9 silencers and there appeared to be a two-stroke green Laverda on the run. 🙂


Photos from the Jeff Clew Memorial Run 2019

Yesterday was positive proof that we’re all fair weather bikers really 🙂 and it’s not just me being rather pathetic after all.  Last year, we only had 4 hardy soles turn up for this run but yesterday, there were 54…the only difference being The Sun Had Got His Hat On and We Came Out To Play (apologies for the slight change to the lyrics).

Summary from Rod Hann, the run organiser, below.  I’ve listed the prizewinners at the bottom of this post alongside the photos of the presentations.

54 entrants signed on for the Jeff Clew Memorial Run held at The Haynes International Motor Museum, at Sparkford. Sunny weather greeted all as they set off on either a short route of 43 miles or a longer route of 70 miles. Two routes to cater for all needs and types of machines. Both routes incorporated a coffee stop. Those returning to the Haynes Museum saw the presentation of the prizes by Alison Clews (Jeff’s daughter) who had travelled down from Derbyshire specially for the occasion.

Long Route

Paul Miles, Ken Druce and I opted to do the Long Route which took in some lovely scenery around Corscombe and Hamm Hill.  It, of course, had the obligatory coffee and ice cream stops (it would be rude not to!) and I was particularly impressed that the route managed to get us around Yeovil without us actually realising how close we were to the town.

Many thanks to Rod and Carol Hann for laying on such a good day. And to Alison Clew for travelling down from Derbyshire to be with us….and not forgetting Alfie, her dog.

Haynes at the Start:
Mid-Route Stops:
Presentations at Haynes:
  • The Haynes Shield (Best Overall) = John GUY – S.O.S.
  • Hinton Motorcycles Trophy (Best veteran or Vintage) = Colin BENTHAM – Scott
  • Bob Foster Trophy (Best Post Vintage) = Tony PASHLEY – Sunbeam
  • John Brittain Trophy (Best Classic) = Alan SKINNER – Ariel
  • Clew Family Trophy (Best Velocette) = Rich KINSLEY – Velocette
  • The VMCC Tankard (Best Douglas) = John GIBBS – Douglas
  • The Denny Trophy (Best Threewheeler) = Bryan POPE – Royal Enfield S/C
  • Mike Penn Award (Spirit of the Event) = Martin FOOT
  • The Orman Tankard (Best Japanese Machine) = Ian HURFORD – Honda
  • Best Unrestored Machine = Richard GRAY – Douglas


Pictures and Video from the VMCC Founder’s Day 2019

Another Founder’s Day has just passed and, as usual, it was well worth the 6 hour round trip to get up to Stanford Hall and back.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again next year, but in my humble opinion, this is the VMCC’s premier event and if you’ve never been, you should try and get to it next year.

With so much to see, I failed to get round all the Club and Section stands and didn’t even get to the Arena where Royal Enfield was being featured this year.  I partly blame all of you as I kept bumping into Dorset Section members and once that happens: natter, natter etc 🙂

Highlight of the day? For me, seeing the Wall of Death again as I last visited one in the early 1990s at Ardingly.  Love the fact that they still use Indians; it was free as it was included in the Founder’s Day entry cost (£10).

And a random selection of photos. Apologies for several photos of the 1927 Scott; it was for sale and, just for a moment, I was tempted…


Photos from the 41st Veteran & Vintage Run 2019

The weather was perfect yesterday for the 41st Veteran and Vintage Run.  Who remembers last year? It was so hot, it was almost unbearable, with tarmac melting, bikes over-heating and rider’s sweating & swearing.  But not so yesterday…

Rod Hann, the run organiser, tells me that 21 riders signed on at Leigh Village Hall.  There was only one breakdown when a bike overheated and expired with no compression; that was Andy Hart from the East Devon Section — many thanks to Pete Dungey for the breakdown recovery service!  After a midway stop at The Trooper Inn, Stourton Caundle, the route returned to Leigh where 33 people sat down for a nice lunch and generally a good day was had by all.

Prize winners were as follows:-

  • Best Veteran = Colin Bentham (Somerset) – 1911 triumph
  • Best Vintage = John Guy (Stonehenge) – 1929 Terrot
  • Best Threewheeler = Ian Clarke (Wessex) – 1927 Morgan
  • Combined Age = Bryan Pope (Somerset) – 1922 Royal Enfield Sidecar
  • Most Original Machine = Andy Hart (East Devon) – 1929 Rayleigh
The Start at Leigh Village Hall:
Midway Stop at The Trooper Inn, Stourton Caundle:

Photos from the Car and Bike Club Night 2019

Good turnout on Wednesday for our Car and Bike Club Night. Nice selection of cars and bikes from all periods.

William Webb, all set for the front cover of some other magazine…. 🙂




Many more photos on our Facebook page — click the in the top right:

Photos from the Wessex V&V On The Beaded Edge Run 2019

The Dorset Section was well represented at the  Wessex V&V Section’s On The Beaded Edge Run which was held yesterday, plus we had some welcome visitors from the Somerset and West Wiltshire Sections.

It started and ended at its usual venue, the Old Ox Inn in Shillingstone and took in 37 miles of Dorset countryside via Bryanston, Winterborne Stickland, Milton Abbas, Hilton, Mappowder, Plush, Piddletrentide, Duntish, Kings Stag, Hazelbury Bryan and Sturminster Newton. Thank you Wessex V&V for a great day.

The three 1930 oily rag Douglas motorcycles that Paul Miles and I bought back in March made their first, and probably their last appearance together on this run.  Ken Druce kindly rode the T6 (the one with footboards) while Paul and I were on our S6s.  Apart from my S6 shearing a crankcase bolt just before the start, all three went very well, but it is now time to say goodbye to the T6.

Don’t forget our own Two In One Run next Sunday 7th July….full details here.

Photos from the Long Run 2019

It was the Long Run yesterday.

Approximately 45 miles from Top O Town car park in Dorchester to the Seaton Tramway in Devon and a similar number of miles back from Seaton to Cerne Abbas.  With many of us doing 20 or more miles to get to the start, most of us ended up with a total mileage into three figures by the time we got home.

Ken Druce, the organiser, tells me 24 signed on. The weather forecast probably put a few people off.  It didn’t bucket down like on Wednesday’s Mid-Week Run, but it was threatening to rain throughout the run, and occasionally did.  It’s not been a good June weather-wise 🙁 .


Wednesday’s Mid-Week Run and its Re-Enactment

Last Wednesday (19th) was the first of our four Mid-Week Runs in 2019.  As I hadn’t been out on my bike for a couple of weeks, I was determined to take part, no matter what the weather.


Wednesday (19th)

I managed to get to the start at Warden Hill Trading Post on the A37, a distance of 20 miles from my house, without driving on wet roads and here I joined up with about nine other riders.    But there were ominous black clouds in the direction of Mangerton Mill (our destination), so I think we all donned our over-trousers and set off….

Rod and Carol Hann, the run organisers, took us on a very picturesque route via Wyford Eagle and Spyway, but we rode through some really horrible weather.  However, we all made it to Mangerton Mill, where we all enjoyed a cream tea indoors while it continued to rain outside.  And it was still raining when we left to head back to Warden Hill.  Many thanks to Rod & Carol for organising such a good route.  By the time I got home, I’d covered 75 miles, mainly in the wet 🙁 .

Friday (21st)

Yes, the weather on Wednesday could have been better (much better actually 🙂 ), but I for one still enjoyed it and wanted to re-do the route in better weather.  So yesterday, after my riding gear had dried out, Ken Druce and I headed off to Mangerton Mill again and I had my second cream tea of the week.


The C.M. Hunt Papers

Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd 1927

I’ve been meaning to write up this short article for the last six months; ever since Pete Dungey kindly lent me his folder of historical receipts and letters from C.M. Hunt at the end of last year.


Royal Enfield 1951

C.M. Hunt was a well known bicycle, motorcycle and pram shop in Long Street, Sherborne and had been trading for many years.  I’m not sure when it finally closed for business but probably late 1980’s or early 1990’s; if someone in our Section knows, please do let me know.

The Shop
Michelin 1927

I’ve managed to find a few historical photographs of the shop.  I took the ones in 2018, but having been back to Long Street this year (2019), I noticed the shop is now vacant.  Note the “The Old Cycle Shop” above the door.

The Papers (Receipts, Invoices, Letters)
Joseph Lucas Ltd 1927

Pete tells me that when the shop finally closed, 80 years of paperwork ended up in a skip.  He rescued a tiny fraction of this, mainly the receipts from 1919 and 1926/1927 with a few other papers from the 1950s and 1960s.  To my eyes, the artwork & printing in some of these documents is beautiful, so I scanned them so others can see them.  So much nicer that today’s soulless bits of paper.

Humber 1927


Seems like C.M. Hunt dealt with all the British motorcycle manufacturers of the time!  The 1951 Royal Enfield letter is interesting; although it doesn’t mention it, the worldwide nickel shortage during that year was due to the Korean War and affected all manufacturers.



Papers (1919):
Papers (1926 – 1927):
Papers (later years):